Shower Curtain Gloryhole – Freya Parker & Haley Spades – FULL VIDEO



Haley Spades and her BFF Freya Parker hang out in Haley’s room while they talk about boys. Eventually, the conversation turns to how Haley accidentally saw her stepdad’s cock and how beautiful it was. Freya wants to see it too. Little do they know that Haley’s stepbrother Tyler Nixon is listening to them while Freya describes what she would do to Haley’s stepfather. Demonstrating on Haley, Freya describes how she would seduce Haley’s hot stepfather. Finally, she asks Haley to confirm that her stepfather is probably in the shower right now. When Haley agrees it’s him, Freya says that she really, really needs to pee if Haley knows what she means.

Now that Tyler overhears all of this, he squirts before the girls can see he’s listening. He asks his father if he’s allowed to take a shower, which gets him in the right place at exactly the right time when the girls burst in on him. Freya comes forward and asks if she can see Haley’s stepfather’s cock. Tyler embodies his father best and sticks his cock through a glory hole in the shower curtain. The girls ask to touch him and Tyler agrees. Freya takes the first sip, but soon Haley is kneeling next to her friend. Everything goes according to Tyler’s plan until he groans in his own voice and the girls realize what they are doing. They yell at him and retreat to Haley’s bedroom. As soon as Tyler can put a towel around his waist, Tyler runs to Haley’s room to apologize. Before he’s finished, Freya tears off the towel and goes on to kiss him. Haley wants to know what Freya is doing, but Freya announces that she is horny and Tyler has a nice cock.

Freya pushes Tyler onto the bed, wiggles out of her shorts and jumps into the Fick-Stick-Express. While Haley continues to protest, she has to admit that watching her friend bang her stepbrother is really super hot. She can’t stop rubbing her own tits and eventually Freya notices and invites her to join in. Haley takes Freya’s place on Tyler’s cock and enjoys a reverse cowgirl ride. Freya patiently waits for her turn, then lies on her back so Tyler can give it to her while Haley rides her mouth. Haley goes on her knees next to encourage Tyler to pound a doggystyle pussy while she makes her mouth lick Freya’s creamy cunt. In this position, Tyler manages to wait until he’s undressed his stepsister before delivering a creampie that drips freely as he pulls out of Haley’s twat.

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