Sis Loves A Man In Uniform – Kyler Quinn – FULL VIDEO



Kyler Quinn looks great in a bikini. Her half-brother, Codey Steele, can’t take his eyes off her. Too bad for Codey that Kyler only wants a man in uniform. She belittles her half-brother while hinting that if he became a real man she might think better of him. Codey goes ahead and enlists. A year later, on his way home from training camp, Kyler approaches him wearing the same bikini but with a different attitude. She asks Codey if he remembers why he got engaged, but Codey tells her he’s a changed man now. In a role reversal, Kyler suddenly finds himself as the abuser in his relationship with his half-brother.

Kyler is ultimately rewarded for her persistence when she realizes her striptease has given Codey a hard time. Despite Codey’s protests, Kyler begins sucking and stroking to bring his passion to a climax. Once he experiences Kyler’s lips wrapped around his fuck stick, Codey is quite willing to give him what she wants. Soon he is buried deep within his stepsister like he dreamed about a year ago.

Now that Kyler knows how good Codey is in the bag, she’s hooked. She pushes him onto the bed and climbs onto it to straddle him. Then Kyler gets onto his back and spread his legs to invite Codey to come inside. With Kyler’s moans of joy and her throbbing pussy guiding the path, Codey comes to the brink. Then he withdraws and covers his half-century with an ejaculation that has lasted for a year.

Model: Kyler Quinn

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