So You Want To Be A Stripper – Lexie Fux – FULL VIDEO



Lexie Fux needs a job and what better way to earn a living for this fine number than by stripping in a club? She needs to audition, so she records herself practicing her movements so she can learn from her mistakes. Her stepbrother, Jay, walks up to her. Both stepbrothers are shocked, but Lexie has a bright idea to try to practice her moves with Jay. After putting Jay on a show, Lexie finally realizes that he’s tough. He points out that her cock doesn’t know that she’s her stepsister, and she finally agrees to give him a lap dance.

Jay wastes no time pulling her shorts to the side of her so that her cock comes out of her and Lexie slides on her. As soon as she realizes that her brother’s cock is inside her, Lexie tries to cry, but they both know she likes him too much to stop. She resumes her erotic dance, now with an additional cock in her pussy. She decides to turn things around by sucking hers own juices from Jay’s boner and then riding him back in cowgirl.

Loving the stiff ride, Jay reaches out to squeeze his sister’s pretty bouncing tits. She turns around to take another look at that ass of hers, then leans forward so he can punch her from behind her. Jay can’t help but get out of Lexie’s tight pussy to rub the head of her cock against the sensitive slit in her ass. Lexie’s little moans of pleasure keep him in and out of that pussy, especially when she opens her own cheeks to give him a great view. Finally Jay goes ahead and sticks his thumb in Lexie’s ass as she fucks him. He turns her around to give her the rough pussy strokes she craves from her as she watches her swollen tits move to the rhythm of her stroking. When Jay has had enough, he comes out to cum on Lexie’s stomach as she complements her routine.

Model: Lexie Fux

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