Something Special – Emily Willis & Vanna Bardot – FULL VIDEO



Emily Willis has a boyfriend she adores as Tyler Nixon and a roommate she loves as Vanna Bardot. Emily knows Vanna has a crush on her and Tyler, but she hasn’t done anything yet. It’s about to change into a Valentine’s Day surprise that will satisfy all three of their desire for each other.

Tyler and Emily set up a trail of rose petals leading to a table to get Vanna’s attention when she arrives home. She follows the trail and finds a note to read. The trail then leads to the sofa, where Vanna finds a brand new set of lingerie just for him. She takes off her clothes and slips into the new lace digs, then continues to follow the rose petals to the bedroom.

When Vanna enters the room, she sees that Tyler and Emily are already waiting for her in their underwear. Attracting a surprised but very happy Vanna to the bed, they placed her in the middle so they could give her all the indulgent attention she craved. Helping Vanna out of her new lingerie, Emily strokes her roommate’s breasts and nipples while watching Vanna kiss Tyler. As Vanna gets down on her knees to start sucking Tyler’s cock, Emily slides Vanna’s thong to fully show her beautiful body.

Emily then gets rid of her lingerie as Vanna and Tyler work in tandem to strip her down to her stockings and garters. With Tyler’s cock in one hand and her other hand resting on Vanna’s back as her roommate feasts on her greedy pussy, Emily is in a true sensual paradise. Vanna has dreamed of eating Emily for so long that she isn’t ready to rush now. She takes her time, enjoying every last lick as Emily pulls Tyler’s fuck stick close enough to suck it off.

Now that the party is here and especially undressed, the real fun can begin. Emily arranges Vanna so Vanna can fill her throat with Tyler’s hardon. Then she grabs a vibrator and gets to work on Vanna’s pussy, buzzing her clit and using her hands and mouth to love the tenderest parts of her roommate.

Still on all fours, Vanna finds herself in the middle. Tyler sinks into that sweet warmth from behind, as Vanna grabs the vibrator and presses it against Emily’s pussy. Leaning forward to lick Emily’s clit, Vanna shoves the toy into Emily’s pussy to hit her friend at the same rate Tyler gives her.

When Emily and Vanna switch places, Emily rolls onto her back. She pulls Vanna to her face so her roommate can take a spin on her talented tongue. Meanwhile, Tyler takes a seat in his girlfriend’s pussy, diving deep into a vigorous rhythm. Leaning forward, Tyler rams balls deep into Emily’s fuck hole as he laps Vanna’s tits.

Tyler takes his turn in the middle as he lies down and lets Emily ride her man’s meat. Emily rides her boyfriend on her own as Vanna sucks Tyler’s balls, but this party isn’t over yet. Laying Vanna down, Emily positions her pussy over Vanna’s face as Tyler gives it to her long and hard.

They maintain their love until Tyler is ready to explode. He gives Emily enough warning to lean forward, positioning her face perfectly for Tyler to give him a facial that trickles down to Vanna’s muff. Licking the drops of cum off Vanna’s pussy, Emily snowballs with her roommate turned lover.

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