Step Dad Steps In – Isabella De Laa – FULL VIDEO



Lutro recently got married and finally had the chance to meet his new stepdaughter, Isabella De Laa. Isabella is instantly drawn to her new stepfather. She holds it together when they meet, but later, when she takes a bath, Isabella can’t help dreaming of Lutro as she touches her warm, moist skin and caresses her hands from her breasts to her cunt. When Isabella leaves the tub and sees Lutro sleeping, she decides to curl up naked next to him.

Lutro is surprised to wake up next to his certified nubile stepdaughter, but Isabella isn’t afraid to take whatever she wants. Her hand goes to Lutro’s morning wood, caresses it, and grips the eggs. Isabella takes Lutro’s fuck stick out of his boxer shorts and opens her mouth to start sucking! Once caught nice and hard, Isabella crawls onto Lutro’s hips and leads herself down to be fully impaled on his big cock. She rocks her hips and takes everything she craves from the moment she saw her hot new stepdad.

Now that Lutro is determined to put it on, Isabella turns on his tail. She bends forward so that she is practically on her stomach, then swings her hips so that she rides in reverse cowgirl. When Lutro pulls her back, Isabella adjusts her position so that she is balanced on Lutro’s stomach. He lifts her legs by putting his hands under her knees and pushing in and out of her greedy cunt. Finally, Isabella gets on her hands and knees so Lutro can hit her properly. She turns on her back and spreads her thighs so her new stepdad can reach the climax that she was chasing. Lutro finishes morning lovemaking on his side and fucks his stepdaughter until he pumps her full of hot, sticky creampie.

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