Step Sis Steals My Girlfriends – Lady D & Zazie – FULL VIDEO



Nikki Nutz has a complicated relationship with his stepsister Lady D. One of the things that makes it difficult for the stepsisters to get along is that every time Nikki brings a girlfriend home, Lady D tries to steal her for herself. Today Nikki brought home his newest love, Zazie, to meet the family. Lady D likes what she sees so much that she devises a plan to make Zazie hers. She waits for Zazie to put on makeup in the bathroom to go in and take a shower, which ensures that Zazie sees all the sweet soft curves that Lady D has to offer. Later, Lady D sits on the couch with Nikki and Zazie so she can massage Zazie’s feet. Nikki tries to tell Lady D to cut it out, but Lady D gets none of it.

Finally Lady D catches Zazie alone and leads her into the bedroom. Zazie is open to Lady D’s advances. She lets Lady D lay her on the bed and pull her shirt down so Lady D can indulge her tight little tits and hard nipples. Then Lady D continues south and pulls Zazie’s panties aside so she can immerse herself in a pussy festival. She’s getting into the groove when Nikki walks in on her and catches her red-handed. Instead of being ashamed, the girls invite Nikki to take part. When Nikki is faced with two hotties eager to fulfill his dream of a threesome, it would be stupid to refuse.

Nikki climbs into bed and lets the girls take turns sucking his hardon. Then he can enjoy the ride while his stepsister climbs on his fuck stick. The girls eventually switch places, with Zazie bouncing on Nikki’s cock while Lady D caresses her breasts and rubs her clit. Lady D gets on her hands and knees and eats Zazaie again while Nikki bangs her from behind. Zazie takes her own turn in the pooch when Lady D lies beneath her in a nearly 69 year old. Nikki fucks his girlfriend until he sucks his load and saturates Zazie with a creampie that drips into Lady D’s waiting mouth. Lady D licks Zazie clean and basks in a joint conquest with her brother.

Model: Lady D / Zazie

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