Step Sister Competition – Chloe Temple & Macy Meadows – FULL VIDEO



Chloe Temple wants her stepbrother, Jason, to take her to the fair instead of her adopted sister, Macy Meadows. The girls argue over which one of them will she be leaving. Chloe thinks that she has an advantage over Macy because she brings Jason some fruit, but Macy knows that Jason is only interested in sex. She comes back in just her panties and a crop top, and offers to do a striptease. Chloe reaches out to Macy before things get too far and insists that she can do better.

The sister competition heats up when the girls decide that the best way to determine the winner is to give Jason a blowjob. Chloe is the first to bend down and start sucking, but she soon turns to Macy. When Jason doesn’t seem to have made up his mind after his double BJ, the girls take even more proactive action. Leaning towards Chloe, Macy jumps on Jason’s cock to ride him while Chloe jerks off and watches.

Next, Chloe enjoys Jason’s cock between his thighs as she rolls onto his back and carries him inside. After making sure Chloe is having a good time, Macy plants her pussy in her sister’s mouth. Riding Chloe’s face is a real treat for Macy, but so is she getting on her knees so she can be the middle of a brother roast. Next, Chloe takes her turn in the middle of her, reveling in the juices from Macy’s pussy as Jay slaps her. She finally makes it to the end, pulling for cum on Chloe’s butt and back. Macy follows the instructions to lick Chloe clean and snowball Jason’s cum with Chloe, eventually agreeing to take the two girls to the fair.

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