Step Sisters Fuck Bunny – Eliza Ibarra – FULL VIDEO



Eliza Ibarra has a thing for older men, which she confesses to her stepbrother, Kyle Mason, after learning that Kyle’s boyfriend has a crush on her. Kyle learns that Eliza may not love her friend, but she definitely loves her dad. This information really shakes up Kyle, who tells Eliza that her father is a total jerk who might even dress up as a bunny for Easter. The two go their separate ways, but Eliza realizes that now that she’s said it, she really wants to fuck her stepdad. She decides to put on a do me costume where she uses the grass from her Easter basket to cover only her breasts and pussy. Kyle sees what Eliza is doing and hatches his own plan to get his cock wet thanks to stepsis.

After putting on the bunny costume his father plans to wear, Kyle goes to the kitchen where Eliza is waiting for him. Assuming it’s her father, Eliza clarifies that everything the bunny sees is his. She slides out of her Easter weed and kneels down, taking Kyle’s hard cock between her swollen lips to start sucking him. Then she gets up and turns around, lifting one leg off the counter to fully open for the bunny to hit her from behind.

As Eliza takes her doggy style, she gradually makes her way to the counter. Kyle takes the opportunity to squeeze his big ass while he fucks his sister. When Eliza turns around, Kyle feasts on her shapely muff as he continues to give her a good pussy pounding. Eliza is completely in it as Kyle pulls back to blow his load all over her stomach. As Eliza basks in the afterglow, she removes the bunny’s head to see her stepfather’s satisfied expression. Instead, she finds her half-brother, which causes her to panic.

Model: Eliza Ibarra

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