Stepdads New Girlfriend – Kylie Rocket & Liv Revamped – FULL VIDEO



The past few months have been a ride for Kylie Rocket. She always got along well with her stepfather Charles Dera, but now Charles and Kylie’s mother have divorced. Kylie still wants to stay with Charles, and one morning he seats her at the kitchen table and assures her that she can. Charles adds that he hopes it isn’t too strange that he has already moved in with his new girlfriend, Liv Revamped. Kylie assures Charles that she is fine with Liv, but doesn’t know how good she will be with the new addition in her life.

The next day, Kylie is hanging out in the living room when Liv joins her on the couch. The girls come to chat and it quickly becomes clear that Kylie has a soft spot for Liv. She breaks the ice by asking Liv what her stepdad’s cock is like, then compliments Liv’s ass and even gives her a light spanking. Liv returns the compliment by telling Kylie that she has great breasts, which Kylie naturally invites to touch. One thing leads to another and next, the girls know that they are right in the middle of it. Kylie pops Liv’s tits out of her top and makes sure Liv knows she has beautiful breasts. Then Kylie gets Liv on her back so she can keep her party going by licking Liv’s greedy cunt with a lot of stiff tongue. In return, Liv tells Kylie to get on her knees so she can take off Kylie’s shorts and panties so she can dive deep into Kylie’s pussy. You’re getting the good part right now when Charles comes home. Kylie barely makes it out of the living room when her stepfather catches them both red-handed.

Liv tries to kiss Hello Charles like nothing happened, but he can taste the pussy on his girlfriend’s lips. Kylie intervenes before Charles can get too mad at his girlfriend to try to fend off her stepfather’s anger. Kylie rubs her stepdad’s cock through his pants, making it clear that she’s into him too. Both girls love to share, so why shouldn’t Charles Kylie’s deep throat BJ and egg sucking enjoy? After Charles pulls both girls out of their pants, Liv takes the first ride on his fuck stick while Kylie’s hands are constantly moving to ensure Liv’s pleasure. Kylie takes the next reverse cowgirl ride while Liv pats her and sucks her tits. The girls enjoy each other again as Kylie lies back with her legs wide apart to pick up Liv on her knees between them. Meanwhile, Charles fucks Liv in doggy style. The girls switch places so that Kylie is on her back, Charles gives it to her, and Liv rides her face. This position gets both girls out one last time and results in Charles delivering a creampie to his stepdaughter, cementing their new relationship.

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