Stepsis Knows Best – Haley Reed & Khloe Kapri – FULL VIDEO



Jay Romero has decided to hire a babysitter for his stepsister, Khloe Kapri, who will run the house for a few weeks. Jay thinks Khloe will need help to take responsibility. He interviews Haley Reed, who makes it clear that she will do anything to get the job. When Jay shows interest in her breasts, Haley happily pulls them out and even offers to let him touch them. Then Khloe bursts in and starts an argument. Eventually, Khloe takes control of what can affect her and extends her tits to Jay. Haley tries to argue, but Khloe grabs Jay’s head and pushes him forward so he has his mouth on her nipple. Haley wants it too, so she pushes Khloe out of the way and treats Jay the same way. Before Jay knew what was happening, Khloe jumped on the table and pushed Jay’s face between her thighs so he could eat her up. Khloe grabs Jay’s hand and leads him upstairs to learn more, and Haley follows them because she wants some too.

The girls keep talking shit to each other in the bedroom while they make themselves comfortable in the bedroom. Khloe gets the tongue even more as she and Haley work on it. Eventually they come to terms with Haley caressing her own tits until Khloe takes over with her hot mouth. In return, Haley gets on her hands and knees and leans over to take Jay’s place, licking Khloe’s slit with her magical tongue. Since he’s been evicted to eat his stepsister, Jay takes the opportunity to stand behind Haley to go to work and feast on her cock loving fuck hole. Temporarily satiated, the girls pull Jay naked and onto his back so they can enjoy their newfound closeness as they work together to suck his cock and deep throat.

When the girls finally get to the next level, Khloe gets the first taste of the D. She bounces on Jay’s cock while he continues to lie on his back, rocking her hips for a ride while Haley rubs her clitoris. Then Khloe lets Haley take over and gives Jay a doggystyle stiff ride. The trio changes things up with Khloe on her knees, Jay buried in her cunt, and her face buried in Haley’s cunt. After a short break for both girls to lick their juices off Jay’s fuck stick and suck his balls, Haley gets on her hands and knees so she can enjoy a doggystyle pussing too once she’s played with her feet with Jay’s Hardon . The girls wrap things up side by side on their backs while Jay takes advantage of the pussy buffet in front of him. He creampies Khloe the babysitter first, followed by the same treatment for Haley.

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