Stretching My Step Sister – Jessie Saint – FULL VIDEO



Kyle Mason and his stepsister Jessie Saint had a little fling some time ago, but they agreed they would stop fucking each other. When Jessie approaches Kyle to help him stretch before heading to the gym, he first suspects that Jessie is giving up their agreement to stop doing it. Jessie insists she just wants some help, even demonstrating with a few warm-up stretches. She has a small tear in her leggings, which catches Kyle’s attention immediately when he notices it. He agrees to help Jessie stretch, but he can’t look away from that cuckoo hole. Jessie knows exactly what her outfit is doing to Kyle as she waits for the perfect moment to stretch to rub her ass against Kyle’s cock and draw all the attention to his erection.

Now that she’s confirmed that Kyle is interested, Jessie insists she wants to fuck. Kyle is still reluctant as they had agreed not to, but Jessie won’t take no for an answer. Reaching her back, she takes that little hole and rips it big to fully expose her ass and pussy. Kyle can’t resist, such a pretty pic, especially when Jessie pulls up to start stroking his erection. Once he gives in and shoves his cock into his stepsister’s tight fuck hole, Kyle knows there is no turning back.

After a doggy style fuck, Jessie sucks her own juice from her brother’s cock before climbing on it to ride it in her cream-filled pussy. Her tiny tits bounce as she gives him a trick that proves they should fuck often! Then Jessie rolls onto her back and brings her knees over her shoulders to fully open. Kyle pounds that tight pussy, satisfying all of Jessie’s needs before he pulls back to cover her meaty pussy with a cum shot. As they appreciate the consequences, Kyle tries to reiterate that this was the last time Jessie laughed at the thought.

Model: Jessie Saint

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