Tell Me A Bedtime Story Step Sister – Jazmin Luv & Penelope Kay – FULL VIDEO



Penelope Kay and her friend Jazmin Luv hang out at Penelope’s new dig site discussing how Penelope likes to live with her new stepmother and stepbrother. Their conversation with their stepbrother is interrupted and Van Wylde sits down next to them. The girls exchange text messages before telling Van that they are in charge and that he has to brush his teeth and get ready for bed so they can go out. They try to get Van to bed, but even after Penelope reads him a bedtime story, he is not tired. Jazmin has other ideas on how to get Van to get sleepy so they can leave. She starts rubbing Van’s cock and flashing her tits with her large areolas. Penelope hesitates, but eventually joins her friend to flash her new stepbrother.

When Jazmin takes it to the next level and leans over to suck Van’s cock, Penelope is gross again. She can’t even watch Jazmin deliver a lustful BJ then pull up her miniskirt and slide her thong aside so she can sink onto Van’s stiffness. When Jazmin sees that Penelope is definitely interested despite her protests, she pulls her friend close with a kiss and urges Penelope to let Jazmin feel her big tits. With a little persuasion, Jazmin gets Penelope to take her place on Van’s fuck stick so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl.

Now that the two girls are doing their utmost to make Van cum to make him sleepy, they give it their all. Penelope climbs off her hardcore ride so she and Jazmin can get a blowjob with lots of egg sucking as a team. Then Jazmin lies on his stomach on the bed while Penelope’s cunt is in the perfect position to lick and Van’s cock is buried in her cunt. When Penelope slides forward, she can finally watch Van slide into her runway pussy. Jazmin makes Penelope enjoy herself and then climbs on her friend’s face to ride Penelope’s mouth. As soon as Jazmin gets out, she presses Penelope’s head to her breasts and begins to urge Van to suck his load. Van does as he’s told and gives Penelope a fat creampie of cum. Van admits he is sleepy now and Jazmin tells him to hurry up and go to sleep because she and Penelope need to be cleaned up for their upcoming dates.

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