Tell Me Without Telling Me That Your Step Daughter Is Disrespectful – Kate Quinn – FULL VIDEO



Thomas Green is so sick of his step daughter Kate Quinn being a slut for her family. Kate steals his lunch from the fridge right in front of him, which of course pisses him off. Later, Kate walks in and steals Thomas’ snack while switching channels from the TV he was watching. Even later, Kate washes laundry and throws Thomas’ clothes out of the machine. This is the last straw! Thomas grabs a pair of Kate’s panties and pulls out his cock to rub the soft material up and down his shaft. Kate freaks out and tries to get her panties back, but she can’t help but realize that her stepdad has a nice cock.

When Kate starts rubbing him with her underwear, Thomas is open to the opportunity to teach his wicked stepdaughter a lesson. He puts her mouth on his fuck stick and then uses his hand in her hair to get Kate to get his hardon deep throat. Kate tries to protest the rough treatment, but she obviously likes it a lot as she’s keeping the BJ up. Thomas doesn’t miss the opportunity to take things to another level when he gets his stepdaughter in the washing machine and pushes her thong aside so he can enjoy sticking his cock up that tight little pussy.

Thomas picks Kate up and takes her to the couch, where he gets his little stepdaughter to suck her own juices off his cock before returning the favor and urging her to sit on his face. It’s easy for Kate to slide backwards and then slide on Daddy’s cock as he feasts on her beautiful tits. Kate turns around and enjoys herself in the reverse cowgirl. Thomas finally slips his hands under her bum and takes over to bounce them in the right rhythm while Kate raises both feet in the air. She eventually falls on her side to spoon out sex, but she’s a lot louder when her stepdad gets her on her knees to plow her in doggy style. On her back, Kate drops her thighs to the sides so it’s nice and open so Thomas can keep pumping into her until he pushes her in deep and fills her with a creampie of cum that overflows and drips from her cunt when he does pulls a way. Kate runs her fingers between her labia to collect some semen and lick herself clean like a satisfied cat.

Model: Kate Quinn

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