The Best Of Both – Eliza Ibarra & Lulu Chu – FULL VIDEO



Lusty Asian hottie Lulu Chu loves babysitting for Codey Steele and Eliza Ibarra because they both have a secret affair with Lulu. The spouses don’t know the other is fucking, so every time Lulu comes to her house it’s a cat-and-mouse game that always ends with Lulu’s sheer delight. Today is no different.

Lulu is supposed to ask Codey to drive her home while Eliza is in the shower. Instead of getting in the car, Lulu makes Codey move. Dropping to her knees right there in the kitchen, Lulu pulls out Codey’s hard cock and opens wide to start sucking. Her pipe gets sloppy when Eliza returns to the kitchen and almost catches them red-handed.

Eliza wants to know why Codey and Lulu haven’t left yet, but Codey is too agitated to do more than tell Eliza to take Lulu home. She starts out with the intention of doing just that, but Lulu has other plans. She waits until Codey is out of sight and in the doorway with Eliza, then moves her. Pushing Eliza against the wall, Lulu goes for some hot kisses. Then she turns Eliza over so she can really dive deep into her illicit girlfriend’s pussy.

This time, Codey is walking on Lulu and this time, he catches her red-handed. Codey can’t believe his eyes when he realizes his wife is cheating on him too. At the same time, however, he realizes that there is an opportunity to have fun with adults. After a little chat, the trio decide to move into the bedroom to see what can happen to reveal all their scandalous secrets.

The girls end up naked in bed with an equally naked Codey. By working together, they deliver a hell of a double blowjob. Their mouths work in tandem, deeply engulf Codey’s fuck stick, suck his balls, all to please himself and him.

Eventually, Eliza confesses that she wants to see Lulu get along with her husband while she fucks him herself. Girls can definitely do it. Eliza settles on Codey’s hardon, then helps Lulu mount her mouth. Moving their hips together, they enjoy a mutual ride that leaves them both meowing with pleasure.

Jumping off her hubby’s fuck rod, Eliza helps Lulu get her body down so she can ride Codey. When she is fully impaled, Lulu leans back and begins to bounce. Her position allows Eliza to bend over and go to work on her small breasts with their delicious pierced nipples.

Eliza can resume her carnal relationship with her husband when she gets on all fours so that Codey can fill her from behind. She leans forward towards the snatch waiting for Lulu, burying her moans in Lulu’s soft folds. Then Lulu steps forward again to spread her thighs apart and take Codey deep inside him as Eliza climbs aboard to straddle Lulu’s mouth.

This position is exactly what Codey needs to detonate his charge. As he leaves, he nuts all of Lulu’s bare muff. It’s just perfect for Eliza, who laps her husband’s cum, then snowballs with Lulu so they both can enjoy the aftermath of an afternoon spent exploring each other.

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