The Insemination Of Elizabeth – Siri Dahl – FULL VIDEO



Six months after the events of “Third Wheel,” where Elizabeth (Siri Dahl) was convinced by her wife Terri to have sex with a man to get pregnant and then stole the pregnancy itself, Elizabeth remains a broken woman. Terri is now expecting “her baby” and has begged Elizabeth to come home. But the estranged Elizabeth cannot overcome betrayal. At least not until she can get pregnant too …

Elizabeth makes an appointment with an unusual medical professional, Dr. Torrance (Tommy Pistol), who specializes in extreme insemination. She exhausts the couple’s savings and comes to his home office for a consultation, and Dr. Torrance is happy to help Elizabeth and guide her through the steps to get Elizabeth pregnant. At this point, Elizabeth is ready to do anything and everything without hesitation to get what she wants.

After a thorough physical examination, Dr. Torrance takes them to his patented breeding bank to begin the grueling procedure. Nervous but determined, Elizabeth leans forward and is ready to take any ounce of semen the doctor prescribes. Maybe now she can FINALLY go home and have the family she always wanted.

Model: Siri Dahl

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