Thick Booty Is Much More Than A Handful – Violet Myer – FULL VIDEO



Violet Myers’ wonderful ass takes on Dredd’s colossal cock in this stunning scene from the Jules Jordan video. We open the pool with a fully stacked Myers suit in magenta shorts and a top. Her ass is so massive that you won’t even realize it’s shorts until Jules asks her to pull her down on the stairs. The muscular strength of Violet’s cheeks is almost indescribable. At first glance it will certainly cause quite a few tears. If Miss Myers had started slapping her ass on the stairs, we are sure that the wind generated would have brought Jordan down the stairs … When Myers finally started clapping upstairs, Jules replied “that’s damn mesmerizing”. He’s right, a special spectator warning should be issued as you are in serious danger of becoming an ass zombie … don’t despair, Violet turns and Jordan lets Myers show off a fantastic rack and bush combo with big nipples while she floss with her bum. Next, Jules has the boldness to have Violet pour oil over her breasts. Spectacular as their set was built for their own brand of pomade … which of course results in these Class A shafts getting into the lubricated action. After a wonderfully torturous stroll to a chaise longue, Dredd and his cargo show up. An honestly stunned Dredd says “perfect ass, if there ever was one”. Dredd takes the risk and plants his face between those cheeks. He warms up Violet, then she gives Dredd a drooling blowjob. Myers engages in Doggy and Dredd steps in carefully so as not to accidentally tear off his man-branch. No chance as he slowly penetrates Myers’ cunt. She comments: “I didn’t think my pussy could take such a big cock, but it can”. As a matter of fact. The starlet’s ass fills the screen and Dredd fills her cunt. They move to the cowgirl, Violet’s fleshy glutes pouring over Dredd. After a surprisingly filthy Myers Dredds salad tossed, they move to another lounge. Myers rides an inverted cowgirl and offers great views of her nether. They move towards the missionary, her huge balls circling as she moans in the air. Somehow Dredd has the tools to fold Violet’s legs. It creates an ass bank where everyone would seek refuge. Next, Myers gags and sucks the python until it unleashes a stream of poison that Violet takes in her pretty face and mouth …

Model: Violet Myer

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