Two Step Sisters Get Stuck – Kiara Cole & Rosalyn Sphinx – FULL VIDEO



Codey Steele is taking a shower when his adoptive sisters Kiara Cole and Rosalyn Sphinx sneak into the bathroom wrapped in towels. They drop the towels so they are naked, then throw a glass of cold water on Codey’s head. His antics push Codey to the limit, making him determined to get revenge. Later, the girls are in their room half naked when Codey breaks into them. They tell him to get out, but a few minutes later he hears the girls fighting. He returns to his room to find them both trapped on the ladder to his bunk. Seizing the opportunity, Codey whips both asses and then pulls his cock out of her for Kiara to suck on.

Then Codey lifts Rosalyn’s miniskirt and slides into her from behind her. She may be stuck, but she’s nice and wet for her brother as he gives her fast and furious. He gives Kiara the same treatment, fucking her doggy style hers. When Rosalyn promises that if she takes them out they will fuck him well and properly, Codey finally frees them and immediately asks for her promise. Kiara isn’t thrilled, but she spreads her legs so Codey can keep her pussy pounding while Rosalyn cradles her shoulders. When Kiara starts to have fun, Rosalyn uses the bunk to help with her balance as she climbs onto Kiara’s face to mount her foster sister’s mouth.

The bunk remains useful as Codey lays down and Rosalyn climbs in to give him a stiff ride on her bare cunt. Kiara kneels next to them, sucking on Rosalyn’s clit to make her sister moan. Jumping off Codey’s cock, Rosalyn kneels next to Kiara. Working together, the girls deliver a double BJ that leaves Codey ready to blow them both wild for a facial that leaves both girls covered in cum and smiling.

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