We Shouldnt Be Doing This – Nala Nova – FULL VIDEO



Nala Nova is always on the lookout for new ways to get under the skin of her stepbrother, Jackie Knight. She has found her cell phone and decides to browse through her photos. When she finds a pickaxe, Nala knows she has found gold. She waits for Jackie to come and claim her phone, then tells him that she won’t give him up unless he shows her his cock. The half-siblings come and go for a bit, but eventually Nala gets what she wants and sees her brother’s brother up close and personally.

Now that Jackie has agreed to take it out, Nala isn’t about to let him put it away. She reaches out to stroke the length, then pulls him closer so she can stick her tongue out to taste the tip. Meanwhile, Jackie gives in to Nala’s encouragement to have his hands on her, from her boobs to her hot little pussy. When Nala pulls down her leggings, Jackie gives in to the insistence that he sink completely inside and pick up her sister as she lies down on the bed moaning in pleasure.

Rolling onto her stomach, Nala spreads her own butt cheeks to make Jackie come back inside. He anchors his hands on that bubble butt and delivers the good pussy pounding Nala craves! She gives as well as she gets, climbing on Jackie to ride him in her bare pussy. When she rolls onto her back and slides her hand between her legs to rub her clit, an orgasmic wave overwhelms her. Moments later, Jackie pulls back to cover Nala’s smooth pussy in her brotherly love.

Model: Nala Nova

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