We Want Creampies For Christmas – Hime Marie & Nikole Nash – FULL VIDEO



Serene Siren and her husband Dalton Lee are so lucky that their respective children, Hime Marie and Kyle Mason, get along so well. Hime has a friend, Nikole Nash, who helps decorate the cookies that Serene bakes. While the family and Nikole enjoy the finished cookies, they start talking about what everyone wants for Christmas. Nikole and Hime keep implying to Kyle that they want cream-related items. Unknowingly, as the girls address Kyle, Serene and Dalton eventually go to bed, where they hint that they will have a good time themselves.

The girls finally have Kyle where they want him, so they tell him they want to see a movie and decorate it, but they’ll slip into something more comfortable first. They returned in slim lingerie practically before Kyle knew what was going to happen. The girls try to play it cool, but it’s clear that Kyle can have what he wants as long as he gives him the cream they were talking about. They encourage him to deliver by coming over and pulling his cock out of his pants so they can take turns sucking. For one hot moment, it seems like they might get caught when Serene goes into the kitchen for a snack, but hiding under a blanket keeps her horny work going on. Then the girls strip off their underwear and then Nikole climbs on the couch to masturbate while she watches Hime ride Kyle’s cock. Hime leans forward and makes sure that Nikole also enjoys the party by feasting on her friend’s snapshot.

Next, Nikole gets the chance to enjoy Kyle’s tall one as she lies down with her bum on the arm of the sofa and her back on the pillows. Hime carefully positions herself over Nicole’s mouth so she can ride her friend’s face while Kyle slides home in her dripping twat. The trio switches it up again, with Nikole climbing on Hime’s face after Hime lies down on the couch. It doesn’t take long for Kyle Hime to fulfill her Christmas wish with a creampie. Then Kyle takes a seat and lets Nikole slide onto his cock so she can milk him a second cum shot for her own Christmas creampie.

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