What Does The CDC Recommend For All This Ass? – Jada Stevens – FULL VIDEO



If there was something like a “cock magnet”, Jada Stevens’ ass would attract the alien Dick from a light-year away. That’s not a joke. This is one of the serious aspects of yum. The store opens with Miss Stevens ready to go poolside. Wearing a purple G-string and dazzling fishnet tights, she innocently stepped into the patio lounge. Be careful, her hip sway and sway turn you into dyslexia. Jules relentlessly allows Jada to roam along the pool. Upon arriving on the other side of her, she produces a breakneck cheek shimmy. Jordan sprinkles oil on both hams and then makes them shine. He puts his penis between her cracks and Jada bounces her donka. Jules happily says, “She knows what she’s doing with this fucking ass,” and gets off and smooth. Stevens has twin nipple earrings that showcase sets that are unfairly overlooked. The cost of ownership of the perfect butt. Pretty Stevens bends and Jules says, “Let’s taste it a little.” This is an early sample of a Big League dog. Inside, Jada stretches her dislike with a fairly long plug. Jordan likes the view and Stevens is the abyss. Jada moves to her cowgirl position, and when Jordan grabs her handful of ass, she rides like a stunned bakery with too much dough. They move to the dog and Jordan unleashes her evil weapon. They take a twisted break and then return to the dog for an anal dip. During excavation, Jada’s thighs spill into the net. She plays her twat like a DJ scratching a turntable. After eating her ass, she returns to cowgirl position. Jada draws an arch and grinds a hole in her ass with a happy Jordan cock. In Reverse Cowgirl, applause-like suction is done by Jada’s seismic maker. Jordan folds Stephen’s leg sideways. This forms a luscious round butt mound that Jules makes the most of. Jada kneels and strokes with her hands, begging for her luggage. Stevens ignites a friendly fire in her eyes and consumes her rest. While commenting on how Jules “painted my face”, he skillfully creates a frothy and show …

Model: Jada Stevens

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