Working Late – Jenny Wild & Mindy – FULL VIDEO



Mindy and Jenny Wild both see Stanley Johnson, who happens to be married. Girls don’t care. What they do know is that they want each other and Stanley in the most sexual way possible. What he does outside of their trios is his own business.

Knowing that Stanley is on his way, Mindy and Jenny get ready. Jenny helps Mindy put on her tight dress, then they wait. When Stanley finally arrives, he is on the phone with his wife. That doesn’t stop the voracious duo. Dropping to their knees, they slap on Stanley’s hard cock as he stumbles, telling his wife he has to work late.

As Stanley hangs up the phone, Mindy and Jenny have conspired to get his erection out of his pants. They share his cock well as they take turns licking and sucking on the shaft and balls. As soon as Stanley has no more to speak, the girls lead him to the sofa where Jenny continues her BJ while Mindy pulls up her skirt and plants her pussy on Stanley’s face so he can eat her.

Finally, Mindy removes her dress as it slides down Stanley’s body. Jenny guides her the way until she is firmly seated on Stanley’s cock. Mindy shakes her hips for a minute, then jumps up so Jenny can suck his juices from Stanley’s cock. Mindy then resumes her ride as Jenny slips out of her own clothes and snuggles up to Mindy.

It doesn’t take long before Stanley turns around so that he and Mindy can each suck on one of Jenny’s hard nipples. Finally, Jenny rearranges herself so that she is spread out on the sofa. This position allows Mindy to lean forward for a ride on Jenny’s bare pussy, even as Mindy continues to take advantage of Stanley sinking into her. This pussy feast leaves Jenny wet and dripping to glide easily over Stanley’s man meat as Mindy jumps off the D to let her girlfriend have her turn.

Getting on all fours, Jenny meows with pleasure as Stanley hits her from behind. Mindy is also delighted with this position as Jenny leans forward to continue eating her girlfriend. Turning Jenny onto her back and propping her hips up on the top of the couch, Stanley continues to dive well and deep. Meanwhile, Mindy rearranges herself so that she rises above Jenny’s mouth with her clit pressed against Jenny’s tongue.

Mindy finally gets another turn on the D when she falls onto her back with Stanley behind her. The position allows Stanley to sink deep inside while Jenny covers them both with kisses. As soon as Stanley brings Mindy out, he pulls out so Jenny can suck him off. She is rewarded for her efforts as Mindy reaches out to stroke Jenny’s plump pussy. Once Stanley knows he’s reached the point of no return, the girls lie on the floor and let Stanley cover his face in a shower of cum.

Model: Jenny Wild / Mindy

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