Porn Xvidoes Have A Taste – Anie Darling – FULL VIDEO



There is always room for romance, as Sam Bourne proves when he cooks a great meal for Anie Darling. They have a few bites, but Anie can’t take her eyes off Sam. It’s clear what she wants, and Sam isn’t stupid enough to deny her it.

Guiding Anie across the table, Sam pulls up her short skirt to reveal that she isn’t wearing any underwear. He knows exactly what to do. Leaning forward, Sam opens her mouth and begins to lick. Annie’s pussy is nice and wet, providing Sam a lot of musky pleasure for dessert.

Anie hastens to remove her dress and lie on her stomach on the table. This puts her at the perfect height to pull Sam’s hardon out of his pants and wrap his hand around the root. Pulling him close, she begins to suck. She gives it to her heart, enjoying each pull of the silky steel of Sam’s erection. Rolling onto her back, Anie scissors open her legs to welcome Sam inside.

Now that they have started their fuck, Anie gives everything to Sam. She comes down from the table and then leans forward for her to support her. Sam waits for Annie to get into position before reintegrating her from behind. Sliding his balls deep, he listens to the music of her moans to guide his blows.

Then Sam sits down on the chair and lets Anie lead the way to her own orgasmic pleasure. She sinks into his erection, impaling her bald pussy. Bouncing slowly, Anie gradually picks up the pace until she is rolling at breakneck speed.

When Anie is finally sated, she disengages from Sam’s erection. Dropping to her knees, she fists Sam’s stiffened fist and opens wide. With her handjob and soft tongue, she brings Sam to an orgasmic finish so that he appears in her waiting mouth.

Model: Anie Darling

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