Xxnx Bronze Anniversary – Natasha Nice – FULL VIDEO



Mrs. Walker (Natasha Nice). Mrs. Walker walks impatiently across the room in sexy lingerie. Finally she hears the front door opening and sits excitedly on the couch. A moment later, Mr. Walker (Charles Dera) enters the room. He sits down next to Mrs. Walker and wishes her a happy eighth birthday.

He goes to her to kiss her, but she stops him by putting a finger to his lips and teasing that she hopes he hasn’t forgotten her gift. Mr. Walker laughs and assures her that he will never forget her annual tradition and that her gift should arrive soon. Ms. Walker is very happy and looks forward to her SPECIAL delicacy.

The doorbell rings and Mr. and Mrs. Walker both grin. Mr. Walker leaves the room to open the door.

Mr. Walker – a college professor – opens the front door and reveals that the visitor is one of his students, Jason (Dante Colle). Jason thanks Mr. Walker for inviting him to his home to help him study for the interim semesters. Jason is honored that his professor is taking such an unusual step to provide additional assistance, and Mr. Walker assures him it is a pleasure to do so for one of his most promising students.

Mr. Walker brings Jason into the living room and Mrs. Walker rises from the couch to greet them. Mrs. Walker looks very intrigued when Mr. Walker introduces her to Jason. Jason seems a little surprised at how interested Mrs. Walker is in him. She walks around Jason as if inspecting him from all sides and tells her husband that he brought home a good one.

Mr. Walker invites Jason to sit down. While they are all sitting on the couch, Mrs. Walker continues to stare at Jason as if inspecting him and ask him to speak about himself. Jason talks a little about his interests and his hopes for the future, but gets nervous and nervous when Mrs. Walker continues to look at him carefully. Jason looks over at Mr. Walker, but Mr. Walker just watches with amusement. Finally, Mrs. Walker giggles and tells her husband that it is time to let him know what’s going on.

Jason is about to find out that HE is Mrs. Walker’s anniversary present … and Mr. Walker will be there EVERY step as his wife enjoys her special treat.

Model: Natasha Nice

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