Xxxvideo Her Best Interests – Kiara Cole – FULL VIDEO



It’s career week at school. Mr. Clark (John Strong), the career counselor, holds appointments with students to discuss their chosen career path. However, it appears that Mandy (Kiara Cole), the student for the next appointment, is late. When Mandy finally arrives, Mr. Clark blames her for being late, but she doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously. Mr. Clark is apparently used to this type of behavior from her and doesn’t seem to have much hope that she has chosen a career path. To his utter shock, Mandy says that she actually made up her mind: she made up her mind to become a sex worker.

Mr. Clark tries to dissuade Mandy from her decision and tries to lead her to other options, such as becoming a nurse. However, he cannot convince her. He says her choice is completely unacceptable, but Mandy suspects that he is a hypocrite and is more familiar with sex workers than he admits. Nonetheless, Mr. Clark stands firm and explains that the school rules require him to sign a document stating which career choice he has discussed with her. There is no way he can approve your decision, so he won’t sign the document and will actually have to report it to the director.

Mandy is upset that Mr. Clark is not helping her when this is supposed to be his job, and she thinks she doesn’t care about the old-fashioned rules of school. She is determined to do everything possible to ensure that Mr. Clark signs this document.

Model: Kiara Cole

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