Youre Going To Get Cum On Your Face – Alicia Williams – FULL VIDEO



Alicia Williams is well dressed and sexy for her first date with a guy who loves her big tits. Her half-brother, Jason, overhears Alicia bragging about her outfit to her friend. He confronts her about her outfit because he fears that she is sending the wrong message. He offers to show her how to dress sexy without showing off a ton of skin. They go to Alicia’s room, where Jason selects sweatshirts for Alicia to wear. She undresses despite her protests, then decides while she is still naked that she doesn’t like clothes. Jason panics and walks off telling Alicia that if she continues she is going to get a cum shot on her face.

When Alicia joins Jason on the couch later to apologize, she realizes he’s tough. She doesn’t see anything wrong with pulling Jason’s cock out and leaning forward to start sucking. Blowing her stepbrother’s hard cock just leaves Alicia begging for more. She persuades him to give it to her by removing his clothes so that he can appreciate her naked body again. She leads Jason into the bedroom, where she starts sucking him again before rolling onto her back and opening wide for Jason to slam him.

Getting on her hands and knees, Alicia presents her heart-shaped ass to Jason to give her palm as he fucks her doggy style. She draws him in more by leaning fully forward, then using both hands to spread her cheeks. After another round of Jason sucking, Alicia climbs to the top for a cowgirl, then a reverse cowgirl ride that wows Jason. They end up with Alicia on her back until Jason can’t wait a moment longer to pull back and cum on his sister’s face, as he had originally promised.

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